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What this is all about…

Howdy and welcome to my food blog (well, now my food and fitness blog)!

Just a little about me and this blog… I created this blog because I wanted to have a public place for me to document my health & fitness progress (I felt like Facebook just didn’t make sense as a place to do that).  I’m a self-proclaimed health and fitness nut but I’ve found that I’ve never been able to really achieve the fitness level that I’ve always desired.

Part of the reason, I think, is because I never really kept track of what I was eating.  I always thought I knew what was “healthy” but I figured I might as well try the whole tracking thing and see if that made any sort of a difference.  Plus it would give me the opportunity to really see what I was eating as opposed to just assuming I knew what I was.

The only problem I faced was that I’m insanely lazy when it comes to documenting random things like that.  I absolutely can’t stand writing down everything that I eat and it would drive me insane to think that I would have to find the nutritional value of what I was eating.

That was simply not for me…

So instead, I decided I would just take a picture of everything I ate and see if that would do the trick.  For me, taking pictures is way easier than writing things down (I’m attached to my cell phone so that made sense right?) and more importantly, being able to visually see what I was eating would be way more powerful and emotional than just reading what I ate.

With that being said, I’ve been doing this for just a bit more than 3 months and thus far, the results have been pretty fantastic!  I’ve lost 5 pounds and 5% of body fat.

Now my goal is to lose about 10 more pounds and 2% more of body fat.  That would put me at right around 8% and from what I’ve been told, that’s where I gotta be to start having a 6 pack, so let’s see!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!



Breakfast time


Shrimp burrito lunch


Shrimp rice and beans in a multigrain tortilla



Thai salad for din din


Indian lunch




Lunch time




Lunch time


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